Tadika Seri Soka (TSS), Malaysia Soka kindergarten held its opening ceremony on 16 April 1995.

Tadika Seri Soka is founded upon the principle of humanistic education whereby the cultivation of strength, righteousness and liveliness, which are humane values innate in each child, become our main focus. Our aim is to foster a new generation of citizens who will contribute towards peace and prosperity of our country in the 21st century.

Our activities are aimed towards developing the children’s potential as wholesome, integrated and balanced individuals parallel to our National Education Philosophy. Through these activities, we hope to achieve healthy multiracial interaction, coexisting in harmony and unity.

On 1 January 2020, 25 years after its founding, the ownership and management of Tadika Seri Soka was transferred from Persatuan Soka Gakkai Malaysia (SGM) to Yayasan Soka Gakkai Malaysia (YSGM).

Tadika Seri Soka is now an educational institution wholly owned and managed by YSGM. Reg. No. 201901035516 (1344846-X)

Education Objectives

To develop children to be strong, righteous and lively by nurturing hope, courage and friendship.
To educate and nurture children to be intelligent and healthy physically, mentally and spiritually.
To educate and foster children to be independent and strong.
To instil in children the spirit of unity and caring for others.
To develop children with humane character and social habits who will become future world citizen with an international outlook.

Motto of Tadika Seri Soka

Founder’s Guideline

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