Parent of Sam Chok Weng
I am really pleased to see my child’s progress. My boy knew how to put on his shoes properly just a few weeks after he started schooling at Tadika Seri Soka. One day, I saw him taking the initiative to wipe a table at home. It was a “SURPRISE” to me as he grows up with a maid, he does not need to do any house chores. My boy looks forward to go to school every day. He loves all the fun activities planned by the teachers. He especially enjoys the sand play and water play lessons. Thanks to all teachers, good job!

Parent of Tay Hoon Hii
Teachers in Tadika Seri Soka have showered the kids with lots of love and care. They are very attentive and approachable. My daughter has learnt to be more sociable and independent. She becomes very caring to her family members and friends too. Thank you to all the teachers for making Tadika Seri Soka a wonderful place for the kids.

Parent of Tan Quinn Jean
My daughter is a happier child now. When she comes back from school, she sings repeatedly those songs which she has learned from the Tadika. She sings with joy. With all the care, support and encouragements from her teachers, my daughter is now a more brave and confident child. She accepts criticism positively and courageously. She will certainly grow into a strong and fine young girl. Thank you Tadika Seri Soka for providing a caring, nurturing and educational environment for my girl.

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